Bay Earrings - Fossil

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I’ve used the shape of these earrings a number of times and for me, it represents the shape of the bay where I live - a wide sweep of a shoreline full of birds, plants and marine life. This pair is decorated with the lines and marks I associate with the local crinoid fossils, their snake-like, segmented stems being seen clearly in the rocks. 

These earrings look very much like slate and have a natural look to them despite being made of very light weight, waste industrial plastic. I cut and work the surfaces by hand so it looks scratched and weather worn, not like plastic at all.  I then add the embossed detail and fill with white resin before sanding back to reveal the detail below.  The wires are made from recycled silver.

  • A unique variation in an ongoing series
  • 100% recycled silver wires.
  • Made from industrial waste plastic.
  • Decorated with resin detail
  • Each measures 5cm long and wide
  • Presented in a gift box with a personal message from me
  • Lifetime guarantee means I will undertake repairs at no cost. 
  • At the end of their life with you, return to me and I will recycle them.