About me

Jewellery from Repurposed Plastic

Bold, Contemporary & Sustainable

I make statement, one-off pieces of wearable art jewellery from waste plastic. I collect, reuse and upcycle beach plastic from the beaches where I live on the Pembrokeshire coast. I cut, shape and form it by hand and combine with industrial waste plastic, recycled silver and resins (into which I recycle my own waste plastic dust.) I aim to keep my carbon footprint low, using mostly reclaimed materials and hand tools. I aim to throw very little away.

I imbue these soulless materials with a natural, weather-worn character by working their surfaces till their colours soften and they feel natural in the hand. I use shapes and textures inspired by the sea and my walks on the foreshore at the bottom of my garden.

“Celebrating women who are playful, expressive and thoughtful; my jewellery is fuelled by a delight in the natural world and a desire to protect it.”

(Photography: hijack)

“I wear Bronwen’s jewellery all the time and often get comments about what they are made from. I can’t stop touching them they have a very tactile nature. Meeting Bronwen and buying her work was a highlight of my summer.”

Leanda McGee