Yellow Rope Necklace

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A lustrous yellow rope with a hand-cut plastic fitting with means you can play with the configuration of this sculptural necklace. The sheen of the polypropylene is contrasted by the rough hewn, stone-like texture of the beads. Each bead is hand made from a composite made from waste plastic dust (a bi-product of my making process) mixed with a resin binder. The rope measures 1cm diameter and the beads are 1.5cm wide. 

  • made from waste off-cuts of rope from a chandlery
  • resin composite beads incorporating 75% waste plastic dust
  • adjustable plastic fitting
  • comes in a gift box with a personal message from me
  • lifetime guarantee means I will make any repairs for free
  • return it to me at the end of its time with you and I will recycle it