Seaweed Lozenge Necklace

Regular price £120.00

A favourite one-off statement necklace in soft blues and greens. Very wearable, faded denim colours. The beads in this necklace are longer than usual and I like the way it hangs long. Each bead is made from waste plastic (much of it found on the beach) combined with composite resin made with my waste dust (a bio-product of my making process). It comes on a waxed cotton cord. 

  • A unique one-off piece.
  • Made from industrial waste plastic, beach plastic and resin.
  • Central bead measures 5cm  wide.
  • Comes in a gift box with a personal message from me. 
  • Lifetime guarantee means I will undertake repairs at no cost. 
  • At the end of its life with you, return to me and I will recycle it.