Holdfast Fibula Brooch

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This fibula style brooch takes is colour palette from the rich browns of kelp and the patterns and textures come from the seaweed's holdfast that anchors it to the rocks.  It is made from industrial waste plastic which has been dyed and embossed and set into resin which incorporates my waste plastic dust. The fibula pin is an ancient style made from one continuous piece of recycled silver. It measures 5.5cm across and its weight and size means this brooch looks great on jumpers, scarves, coats and jackets. 

  • A unique variation in an ongoing series
  • Hand forged recycled silver pin
  • Adjustable cotton cord
  • Made from waste plastic and resin composite
  • Presented in a gift box with a personal message from me
  • Lifetime guarantee means I will undertake repairs at no cost. 
  • At the end of its life with you, return to me and I will recycle it.