Fissure Brooch

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I live on a line where old red sandstone joins a band of limestone and I love the places where these two meet.  This brooch brings together smooth and pitted textures divided by a line or fissure (as you might find in the local rock formations) and wrapped in a rich, rusty red. A recurrent theme in my mark making is rhythmic lines which I like to think are reminiscent of Lucienne Day textiles. 

The piece is a unique, one-off fibula style brooch made from industrial waste plastic, resin (incorporating waste plastic dust) and recycled silver.  The waste plastic is hand cut, carved and dyed before being set. The silver pin is hand forged and runs through the bead before being bent round to meet the other end.  This style of pin dates back to roman times and before and would have been used to hold together a shawl.

This brooch would make a statement worn on a jacket, scarf, jumper or shawl. Ideal for adding texture and interest to your winter wardrobe.

  • One-off piece.
  • Hand forged, 100% recycled silver pin.
  • Hand cut from beach plastic.
  • Set into composite resin made with recycled plastic dust
  • Measures 5cm long (vertically)
  • Presented in a gift box with a personal message from me
  • Lifetime guarantee means I will undertake repairs at no cost. 
  • At the end of its life with you, return to me and I will recycle it.