Sep/Oct2022 - Introduction to making jewellery from waste plastic, course and kit

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If you are a beginner with no experience of working with plastic then this course is for you. It covers the tools, techniques, materials, safety measures and includes the kit and so you'll have everything you need to get started in making beautiful pieces of jewellery from waste plastic..

The six week course starts on the 5th September with modules released each week consisting of video tutorials and downloadable handouts.  It starts with an introductory group zoom and finishes with a group sharing also on zoom 6 weeks later. You’ll also have a 1 hour 1:1 session with Bronwen and access to an online bulletin board for sharing progress, handouts and useful information as the course progresses. 

The course comes with a comprehensive kit of tools (over 20 items) and includes  everything you need. This will be posted to you before the course starts. 

IMPORTANT - if you are not based in UK or Europe or you have lots of jewellery tools already, I suggest that you chose the 'Course Only' option and buy the online course without the toolkit. This will save you buying things you don't need or enable you to buy things more locally and save shipping things around the world unnecessarily.  

Course curriculum

Week One: Welcome and Getting Going

Welcome Zoom  - introductions and presentation about working with plastics

Module one - including videos covering: Getting ready,  The toolkit, Dust collection,  The bench peg, The saw frame, The task

Module two - including videos covering: Introduction, Identifying plastic types, Recycling codes, Plastic without codes, The task. 

Week Two:  How to cut & shape plastic

Module three - Including videos covering: Making the most of your plastic, Cutting a range of plastic types  -  (HIPS)( PP) (HDPE) (PMMA), Cutting within a shape, Filing shapes, The task

Week Four - How to melt and embellish plastic

Module Four - Including video covering how to safely melt and reform household plastic waste (LDPE, HDPE) using equipment such as an iron, heatpress and panini press. 

Module Five - Including videos covering: mark- making, Emphasising your marks Other tools and techniques for mark making, The task

Week Five - Fixings and Findings

Module Six - Including videos covering: how to use glue and make a range of rivets 

Module Seven - Including videos covering: how to make findings and assemble  Pendants, Brooches, Earrings, Design your own collection

Week Six - Sharing Completed Projects

Final group Zoom session to share and celebrate what we've learned and what happens

You will be sent an invitation to book your 1:1 zoom session between weeks 4-6